Statement of Quality & Safety

Since we want our customer to trust that we not only supply high quality products, but also products that meet your highest safety expectation, no matter what the age of the user, we have chosen to test all of our products for conformance to the lead-in-paint requirements of 16 CRF 1303 and the “total lead” requirements of section 101 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvements Act of 2008 even if the law does not require us to do so. Therefore, if one of our products contains paint or a surface coating, it has less than 90 PPM lead. All of our products also have less than 300 PPM of total lead content by weight for any part of the product.

To view our test criteria and certificates for all products, please log onto our compliance database using the login we have provided you. If we have not provided you a login, you can use the public login below:

User name:
Password: buyer123

Click Here to Open the Compliance Database in a New Window